0.4.2 released

Fixed usage of fixed addresses in dhcpy6d-clients.conf, fixed DNSUpdate() to update default class clients too, show warning if deprecated prefix_length is used in address definitions, set socket to non-blocking to avoid freeze, increase MAC/LLIP cache time from 30s to 300s because of laggy clients, removed useless prefix length, rRetry query on MySQL reconnect bugfix

0.4 released

Listen on VLAN interfaces, accesses neighbor cache natively on Linux, allows empty answers, do not cache MAC/LLIP addresses longterm as default, ability to generate server DUID, complete manpages, more complete configuration correctness checks and fixed single address definition error.

0.2 released

Attention: leases database scheme changed. Possibly leases database has to be recreated! ‘range’ address lease management got more robust. Logging output changed.

0.1.3 released

Added RFC 3646 compliant domain search list option 24. Reuse addresses of category ‘range’ in a sensible way. Fixed bug with case sensitive textfile client config options.