To get dhcpy6d running some requirements have to be fulfilled. On a Linux installation the package names may vary but will be similar to those on Debian and Redhat/CentOS:

  • Python from
    • Python 2.7 comes as default on Debian 7/8 and Redhat/CentOS 6/7
    • python-2.7.6p0 on OpenBSD 5.5
    • python27 on FreeBSD and NetBSD
  • SQLite support in FreeBSD and NetBSD needs additional py27-sqlite3 package
  • Support for dnspython and MySQL in MacOS X is not tested yet and seems to be tricky with default MacOS X. Maybe the situation is easier with packages from Macports and Fink projects.
  • Optional: sqlite commandline client
    • sqlite3 in Debian and *BSD
    • sqlite in Redhat/CentOS